This is me - Katy.  South African & British, mum of 2 little girls, deep and ditsy, lover of all things colour.  

A B O  U T   M E

While growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a photographer.  I had it all planned out to the last detail, but things didn't quite go to plan. Instead I got married to my best friend, moved countries and became a pre-school teacher.   It was not until I got given my first DSLR by my brother-in-law that the photography dream was re-ignited.  It didn't take long, and I devoured everything bit of information I could.  After a few years of learning, investing in a better camera and more lenses and building up a strong portfolio, my 2 little girls came into the world.  We bonded, we loved, we grew...   and I was ready to start up my business.  Kathryn Parsonage Photography was born in 2013 and I got the chance to build around my children, making both memories for myself and for others, and I am so grateful.   

I love beach holidays, spending time with my family, extreme sports, camping, sewing and knitting while series bingeing and generally doing anything where I can belly laugh with my loved ones.  In our family, fun most definitely comes first, we appreciate good manners and we strive to make others feel valued, and thought of.